While Will and I weren’t sporting nearly enough white linen like Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson’s characters did in Something’s Gotta Give, we officially made our cameo in a Nancy Meyers’ movie at Le Grand Colbert in Paris recently.

In fact, we were seated at Diane, Jack, and Keanu Reeves’ table featured in an important dinner scene. As a former film critic and unapologetic lover of Nancy’s films with their dazzling kitchens, witty dialogue, and impeccable interior design, this development momentarily made me forget I had jet lag.

Thankfully, the Le Grand Colbert is so much more than a slice of American movie history. It’s a stylish yet surprisingly unfussy French bistro with all the classics done impeccably.

While summer isn’t exactly peak soup weather, I ordered the French onion gratinée anyway. A tangle of Gruyere along with the toasted baguette and slow-simmered broth with all those sweet caramelized onions, I could’ve stopped there and been perfectly content.

But of course we tried the octopus with creamy polenta before the grand finale: profiteroles sandwiched with vanilla cream and served with the dreamiest chocolate sauce. It’s one of those desserts I’ve always wanted to try in Paris and never got around to. Now I understand what the fuss is about.

We left sleepy and satisfied, and needless to say, it was the beginning of an incredible three days in one of our all-time favorite cities.