Ever visit somewhere where you feel like you’ve stepped back in time in the best possible way?

This is what strolling around Siena is like.

Sometimes I had to remind myself I wasn’t on a movie set. It helped when we had to hoof it up the steep, steep streets. Our tour guide called the inclines a “blessing in disguise” because they “enable you to eat anything you want.”

And considering luscious truffle pasta was on the menu at practically every street café, that made the extra cardio well worth it. Need proof? Here’s a pic from our dinner.

At first glance you’d think “There are way, way too many shaved truffles on that fettuccine.” But I assure you they got it just right. The fragrance was intoxicating as I twisted the ribbons of pasta around my fork.

While we were only in the Piazza del Campo for a few hours, we absolutely loved our time in Siena. The stormy sky only added to the ambience, and we were enchanted by how friendly the locals were.

They couldn’t wait to show off their city — and for good reason. It’s a unique place that revels in its traditions and remains vibrant all the same. I hope we’ll get back there someday.