Christa A. Banister

I’ve been making up stories for a living since 1998. But when I’m not working on my latest novel, magazine article or debating which book from my monstrous to-read stack I’ll tackle next, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen. Whether it’s spaghetti carbonara, a simple salad or something more elaborate like a semifreddo, I find so much joy and creative satisfaction in cooking and baking for my family, friends and, of course, my all-time favorite taste tester, my husband Will.

Taking inspiration from my travels and all the restaurants I’ve tried along the way, I love recreating these experiences back at home. In lieu of, say, moving to Paris and attending Le Cordon Bleu a la Julia Child, something I’ve definitely daydreamed about a time or two or twenty, I love taking local cooking classes, pouring through cookbooks of all genres and have probably learned the most about food, entertaining and proper cooking technique from Ina Garten and Giada DeLaurentiis (thank you, Food Network).

After years of writing about my various adventures in the kitchen, I finally decided it was time to expand my efforts with Christa’s Great, Big Culinary Adventure. An inside look at what I’ve been whipping up at home, it also spotlights all the eateries I’m loving — in and outside of DFW.

Whether your idea of a good meal is a PB&J or a seven-course affair at The French Laundry, you’ll definitely find a kindred spirit here. Aside from my controversial views on steak (hint: I’m not a fan) and my fairly recent embrace of sushi, my love of cooking and eating is far-flung and enthusiastic — and I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you.