Well, this was a first.

I’ve never waited for more than three hours for a table anywhere (on a Wednesday mid-morning no less), but since Krista and I made the trek to Waco, we decided to see it through.

If anything, it’s a tribute to just how much people absolutely love Chip and Joanna. Having only watched a half-dozen episodes of “Fixer Upper,” I was definitely in the minority. Three hours of waiting provides plenty of opportunities to eavesdrop on the conversations of complete strangers — a quirk common to writers — and it was fun hearing everyone discuss shiplap, favorite seasons of the show and what they planned to bring home from the Silos.

Meanwhile, my stomach was growling something fierce, and I couldn’t wait to tear into some housemade tater tots, which turned out to be my favorite part of the meal. Dressed up quite a bit from the tots that adorned our hotdish growing up, they were perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft and flavorful with flecks of fresh herbs in the middle and topped with the best cheese on Planet Earth, Parmesan.

Feeling more lunch-y than breakfast, I also ordered the house tomato-basil soup, which was adorned with homemade croutons on top and a BLT that was served on incredible sourdough bread. You can tell they really seem to care about the ingredients in each dish because everything tasted so fresh, even the basil in the soup seemed like it had been plucked from an herb garden out back.

And because I have a sweet tooth, it was impossible to pass up the Silos Baking Company for dessert. Of all the treats I sampled, my favorite, hands down, was the sugar cookie. It even rivaled my all-time favorite from Potbelly, which is really saying something.