Ok, so it wasn’t technically my first lobster roll.

I’d tried a cold lobster roll once in NYC, and let’s just say, that mayo-drenched plop of lobster salad on top of an equally unremarkable hot dog bun made me wonder what all the fuss was about. Surely there was more to this summer crowd-pleaser than I was experiencing.

But then I tried a lobster roll, Connecticut-style, at Clam Bar in Amagansett, and I finally got the hype. First off, there was no mayo in sight (hurrah!), and the roll was warm and buttery with plenty of extra melted butter to dip the lobster in.

And can I just say they didn’t skimp on the lobster? Simply seasoned with a few fresh herbs scattered over the top, you could taste the sea in every luxurious bite. Needless to say, I get why so many people love these now. If you’re ever in Long Island, I can’t recommend Clam Bar enough. They have exceptional fried oysters, calamari, shrimp, fish & chips, the works, in a casual, super fun environment.