If you don’t have the time or money to hopscotch from one exotic locale to another (and really, who does, especially these days?), I recently found the perfect way to travel around the world—no passport required.

Like some of the best discoveries in life, it was completely accidental. I’d heard of the L.A. Farmers Market, of course, but never knew exactly where it was. But when my sister, her best pal Erica and I were in town to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday a couple of weeks ago in La La Land, we made this rather happy discovery.

Now I’ve been to some pretty great farmers’ markets, and at one point, even lived across the street from one in St. Paul, but nothing comes close to this. It literally goes on and on and on, and you could easily stay for the entire day and not get bored. But lemme warn you if you do, you’ll want to be wearing pants with a some give because there’s seriously yummy vittles around every corner.

And if you’re there, do yourself a favor and grab an apple fritter at Bob’s. It will change your life, and that’s coming from a girl who isn’t even a doughnut person. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such sticky, heavenly deliciousness in humble fritter form before. In fact, my mouth’s watering just thinking about it. That, and a cup of coffee, and you’ll be set for a couple of hours at least.

Whatever food you fancy, whether it’s Italian, Indian, Thai, Spanish, Mexican, French or some  incredible falafel, they’ve got it—and then some. Even if you’re feeling healthy, which of course we weren’t that particular day, the selection of fresh fruit and veggies looked pretty incredible, too.

Adding a whimsical, unexpected flare to the festivities were all the cool specialty items. There was a shop that only sold stickers. Another featured imported candy, cookies and gifts from Europe. And while I didn’t end up ponying up the $9.50 for my own bag, I was quite intrigued by the chocolate penne at a homemade pasta shop. Just looking at it reminded me of what Barefoot Contessa always says about something so utterly decadent: “How bad could that be?”

Yeah, it involves two of my favorite things—chocolate and pasta—so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too bad at all. Maybe next time, and I really hope that next time is soon because we had such a good time exploring all the unique local businesses nestled inside.