Last month’s book club theme was “glamping,” so it definitely felt appropriate to serve something that involved watermelon.

But you know me, I wasn’t about to cut some up and call it a day. I decided to contrast the fruit’s inherent sweetness and juiciness by adding it to a salad. A watermelon/feta salad to be exact.

If you’d think the salty, briny feta might clash with peppery arugula and the watermelon, trust me it’s an unexpected but winning combo. The key to tying the flavors together is Ina Garten’s superb homemade vinaigrette.

In case I needed any proof that watermelon, feta, and arugula played well together, all that remained at the end of the night were a couple arugula leaves. Which considering it was paired with a shrimp boil and a spicy Asian cucumber salad, that’s high praise.