Anyone who’s been following my cooking adventures won’t exactly be surprised that I chose Italian for our Valentine’s dinner at home.

What made the lemon spaghetti with shrimp and fried capers a bit unique, however, was the choice of pasta. Have you ever seen noodles this, shall-we-say, supersized?

Yeah, me either.

One of my favorite gifts this past Christmas was a box of goodies from Giadzy (not a sponsored post, fyi, I’m just a fan). A curated selection straight from Italy, this pasta that’s nearly two feet long (!!!) is called Vermicelli Lunghi.

As y’all know, I love a good story and these noodles have one. Back before pasta makers didn’t have a way to measure and cut their creations, these long strands are what resulted. This Vermicelli is a nod to those days and unlike others pasta that you’d never, ever break before boiling in salted water, you snap these noodles before they go in the pot.

I wasn’t sure how the lemon spaghetti would turn out with this particular pasta, but it worked out great. The texture was enjoyable, and it looked fantastic all nestled up in my favorite lemon bowls.