One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new cuisines (I know, I know, you’re shocked!) and recreating my favorite dishes once I get back home.

And when it’s a partly cloudy, sort of blasé Thursday and you find yourself daydreaming about that dinner overlooking a cliff in Italy five years ago, it’s fun to try and recapture the magic.

So today’s lunch is an ode to the sun-soaked isle of Capri. It’s the land and lemons and the fresh catch of the day, and one of the most magnificent places I’ve ever encountered.

Every meal there is a feast for the senses (and don’t even get me started on the gelato), but it was the lemon sole with caper butter sauce and artichokes that really stuck with me. It was so fresh and light, and the fish was so juicy you could’ve eaten with it a spoon.

Since they didn’t have sole at the grocery store, I opted for cod loin instead (both are mild, so I figured that was a good substitution). I loved that the sauce, nice and punchy from the lemons, was the color of sunshine (like Capri itself), and the crispy rosemary potatoes rounded out the meal nicely.

Now all I needed was some limoncello and the ocean, and my escape to Capri would’ve been complete. But for an overcast day in Texas, it was definitely the next best thing.