When someone mentions enchiladas, quinoa isn’t exactly the first ingredient that springs to mind.

But after making this quinoa enchilada bake, which sort of reminded me of a vegetarian Frito pie, I’ve officially found another tasty way to use this ancient grain. I’ll admit I was a pretty late convert — it was a bit of an acquired texture — until I started cooking it in chicken broth and adding lots and lots of flavor.

The recipe couldn’t be simpler and uses quite a few pantry staples. And thanks to a few Tex-Mex spices and not skimping on the cheese, it delivers all those tasty enchilada vibes sans tortillas.

I highly recommend you cheat a little with the carbs like I did and make your own baked tortilla chips as accompaniment. All you do is cut a few corn tortillas into triangles, drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and bake at 400 on a baking sheet until nice and crispy.