I’ll be honest, in the whole fruit hierarchy, pears are generally pretty low on my list. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them, per se, they’re just a little timid in flavor and not all that eye-catching compared to, say, a Honeycrisp apple.

But after making Pear Tarte Tatin in my French Bistro Favorites cooking class yesterday, I feel like I owe pears an apology because this was a crazy delicious dessert. It probably didn’t hurt that puff pastry, caramel and butter were involved, but the pears are totally the star. Perfect sweetness, perfect texture, just lovely.

If you’re making Valentine’s dinner tonight and still haven’t figured out your dessert plans, consider giving this a try. Not only does it look gorgeous in the manner of a French patisserie, but it’s actually super easy — even if you don’t consider yourself much of a baker.

Of course when it comes out of the oven all bubbly and caramelized, it’s perfectly appropriate to pretend it was a task worthy of The Great British Baking Show. But as the oohs and aahs roll in from your loved ones, you’ll be satisfied knowing it wasn’t really all that stressful — as long as you use your trusty cast iron pan. Without it, your Pear Tarte Tatin won’t flip out to reveal these delightful pears in all their glory.

Here’s a link to the recipe we used, but instead of apples, use the aforementioned pears instead.