It’s no secret that I love pasta, but sometimes it feels a little too, um, heavy for a Texas summer.

But rather than going an entire four-plus months — sometimes longer — without it, I discovered a way to lighten the experience up in a thoroughly satisfying way. Cue Ina Garten’s Capellini with Tomatoes and Basil. It’s pretty much been the VIP of summer 2019 in the Banister house.

I’ve never actually found Capellini at the grocery store, so I use angel hair, which is ever-so-slightly thinner. And please do yourself a giant favor when giving it a try and make sure you don’t skimp on the garlic, Parmesan cheese or tomatoes. It will seem like an inordinate amount of all three when you read the recipe, but just trust me, it’s perfect. With only a handful of ingredients, they all play an essential role.

Another wonder of this dish is just how quickly it comes together. Boiling the water for the pasta is the most time-consuming part, and once that’s done, the pasta needs no more than three minutes for al dente perfection. To borrow a phrase from the Italians, that’s amore.