During that looooong five-to-six-month stretch where there’s no Packers/Cowboys football, deciding what to make for Sunday lunch is a little less clear cut.

But when I noticed how beautiful the asparagus was at Sprouts, makes sense since it’s Spring and all, I knew exactly what I’d make — a simple pairing of lemon-y, garlicky roasted asparagus with lemon-y, garlicky grilled chicken.

Roasting the asparagus at 350 degrees really concentrates the flavor and caramelizes the garlic in the process, which makes it less assertive and delightfully sweeter. As a bonus, throwing the asparagus in the oven makes it a refreshingly hands-off process that’s super easy to clean up later on.

The chicken marinated for an hour in lots of olive oil, lemon, S+P and garlic, and after patting it dry (the key to great grill marks and better overall texture), I grilled it indoors, let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing (the secret of a juicer bird), and before long, Will and I were tearing into a simple but flavorful Spring lunch sans football.

How about you? What are your favorite things to cook in the Spring?