For some people it’s the Hollywood sign. For others it’s a big celebrity sighting, a studio tour or a hike through Griffith Park. But for me, playing the tourist in Los Angeles isn’t complete without breakfast at Joan’s on Third.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you can get a decent omelet and hashbrowns any number of places, and, of course, that’s true. But for someone who pretty much loathes any style of eggs — fried, poached, scrambled low and slow, shirred, with or without Hollandaise, it’s huge when I love an omelet this much.

For me, the secret to Joan’s fluffy omelet lies in the ratio of egg to filling. The egg surrounding all the goodness tucked inside is very thin, leaving plenty of room for all the yummy accoutrements. My particular favorite, the Bonne Femme with potatoes, bacon, onions and Jack cheese, almost makes me forget I’m even eating eggs. Even thinking about it is making me incredibly hungry, and I’ve just had breakfast.

Another essential whenever you’re breakfasting at Joan’s are the hashbrowns. Perfectly crispy without being the least bit greasy on the outside and creamy and utterly decadent on the inside, they’re sooooo good. Just don’t do what I did the first time around and order your own plate. No matter how ravenous you are, you will not finish them by yourself. There’s enough potatoes here for a family of four. Or me and one very hungry husband.

Last but certainly not least, the frothy cappuccinos round out the breakfast quite nicely and ensure you won’t be hungry again until dinner, yet another hallmark of the Joan’s experience.

Rumor has it, they also serve up some pretty legendary salads and sandwiches for lunch, but I have no proof of this because I’ve only stopped by in the morning. After all, when breakfast is this good, why mess with perfection?