Of all the dishes in my regular repertoire, I probably make chicken lettuce wraps the most.

They’re fast, super delicious, totally customizable, and after ordering them at P.F. Chang’s approximately 4,345 times, I still can’t get over how much easier (and cheaper) they are to make at home.

After trying quite a few recipes, this one most closely resembles the Chang’s variety in my opinion. I like mine a bit spicier, so I add more Sriracha.

And if I want it to be more of a complete meal? I’ll add sauteed mushrooms to the mix or drained and rinsed chickpeas. A side of Jasmine rice with cilantro is also a great accompaniment.

If you like more of a Thai flavor profile, I’ve also been digging Chrissy Teigen’s take on lettuce wraps. That Thai sweet chili sauce is so good I’ve used it in so many other Asian dishes.