Boring ol’ cauliflower is starring in a LOT of recipes these days, and I’ll confess that I’m not crazy about it as a pizza crust. Or “riced” in place of, well, rice, in Asian stir fries.

Some people also swear it makes for a convincing mashed potato alternative with a bit of butter and cream. I won’t knock it ’til I try it, but…

However, when it’s roasted with chili-forward spices, a drizzle of olive oil and chickpeas for tacos in the oven? That is cauliflower I can get behind. Paired with slaw, lime crema, fresh jalapeno and avocado, it makes for a very satisfying street taco (I promise that I didn’t even miss the chicken, and I like a good chicken taco).

But if you’re like my husband and believe that a meal isn’t meal without some meat (he did like the cauliflower-chickpea combo, though), the marinade for the cauliflower and chickpeas makes for some pretty scrumptious chicken too. In short, it’s just the sort of recipe that’s great to have in your back pocket for a quick summer meal that’s downright yummy whether it’s Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday. I served it with cilantro-lime rice (yes, actual rice) and extra lime wedges for added zing.