It was the perfect Fall day, crisp but not cold, an abundance of red and yellow leaves everywhere, and the boy and me were brunchin’ in Amsterdam.

And unlike many of the other European cities we visited over the course of a month, we totally skipped the restaurant research for Amsterdam. Relying on only our instincts, we stumbled across a very cool coffee shop/breakfast spot on the very first day where we savored a very memorable breakfast, an apple cinnamon Dutch Baby served with super crispy Canadian bacon.

While the leaves in Texas are still in their summer dress, it’s the teeniest bit cold this morning, so I decided to recreate the Amsterdam breakfast by making my own Dutch baby. And while it could’ve used a little powdered sugar for the top like its Dutch café counterpart, the caramelized apples on the bottom gave my Dutch baby an apple fritter sort of feel that was totally addictive. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, that’s for sure.

And compared to standing over the stove to flip regular ol’ pancakes, making a Dutch baby is a total snap. All you need is a cast iron skillet, a little butter, a handful of other ingredients, and you’ll be brunching like you’re in Amsterdam too. 🙂