I’ve never been one to use the word “surreal” because it’s become such a cliché (let’s just say I’ve heard one too many actors and musicians say it repeatedly over the years), but when you start your day in the French Alps in Chamonix and end it somewhere that’s equally jaw-dropping, well, you find yourself describing it as, well, surreal.

It’s not surprising that Lake Como is where George Clooney decided to buy an Italian villa because it really and truly is somewhere otherworldly. It’s so gorgeous that Will said it was almost too beautiful. I’d say that’s high praise indeed.

Like Venice, Como is a place that’s best explored by boat, so a two-hour cruise with our fellow travelers was really the best way to get acquainted with our surroundings. Even though it was Fall, it was still warm, but unlike Texas where the trees aren’t changing until December these days, the full spectrum of reds, oranges and yellows were already on display. That, along with the backdrop of mountains and water so clear and blue you could practically see your reflection, made for incredible sightseeing. The nearby villas weren’t too shabby to look at either. I’d take one if anyone was offering.

And for the record, Clooney’s villa is white, but the tour guide wasn’t exactly sure where it was. You could, however, buy a refrigerator magnet with a picture of it at the local souvenir shops. That made me laugh.

We were only in Como for a couple of days, but I think it’s definitely going on the short list for a return trip sometime in the future. During a trip where we were always on the move, it was the perfect place to relax and daydream about moving to. Oh and the food, which I’ll save for another post, wasn’t exactly terrible either.