With the Super Bowl just around the corner, my Inbox has been flooded with recipes for every flavor of chicken wing under the sun, pizza that’s heavy on the pepperoni and sausage and light on the veggies, and of course, one of my personal favorites, the Tex-Mex classic, queso with a nice kick of heat that’s perfect with tortilla chips.

And thinking about queso couldn’t help but remind me of when I sampled its more refined cousin in Annecy last Fall. The French know a little something about cheese, too, and they weren’t afraid to let its pure deliciousness shine at Le Bon Lieu. Forget fondue with the tiny forks that you share with your beloved because what they brought out was so much better.

While there was probably enough there to feed a family of five, it was fun getting your own giant bowl of glorious melted cheese with cream and potatoes tucked inside. They must’ve run it under a broiler before serving, too, because there was a nice crunchy crust and a sprinkling of toasted herbs on the top that tasted so yummy with all the slices of baguette they served it with.

It was definitely comfort food at its most comforting, and with a glass of wine and all the bread you can dip, the perfect meal, really. While probably a little too fancy for the Big Game coming up, it’s a dish I won’t forget any time soon. Yum, yum, yum!