While Rome is just one of many cities I have Travelocity track the fares for, I know that short of winning the lotto, a trip back to Italy probably isn’t in the cards anytime soon.

But when doing a little research for Will and I’s upcoming pilgrimage to NYC, I did uncover something pretty spectacular (thank you, In Style for the fabulous tip)…a patisserie called Dolce Vizio that only has coffee and tiramisu on its menu.

Can I just say that whoever came up with that idea is nothing short of a genius?

I absolutely love tiramisu, which literally means “pick me up” in Italian, so this restaurant is basically right up my alley. In fact, I’m even willing to ditch the requisite visit to Serendipity and their to-die-for frozen hot chocolate just so I can sample some of the tiramisu bliss.

Really, the only problem will be choosing which flavor to indulge in. In addition to the regular cocoa/espresso variety, they also have limoncello, raspberry, orange espresso, mango and Nutella tiramisu, too.

Don’t they all sound fabulous?

Expect a full update next month once we’ve returned…I’m guessing it’ll be one of the highlights of the trip.