While I still have a little TIVO envy thanks to my sister, there really aren’t that many TV shows I would “tape” week after week to justify the purchase anyway.

Sure, I still watch “LOST” (but mostly online since I’m usually at movie screenings on Wednesday nights) and “The Office” from time to time and have recently gotten into “Castle” (although the jury is still out since I’m not sure I really love it enough to keep up), but that’s mostly it—unless it’s NFL football season, of course.

With the exception of my Food Network shows, of course, which are more “educational” than anything, right? I absolutely love watching Giada, Ina Garten (a.k.a. Barefoot Contessa) and still tune in to Rachael Ray from time to time. On a side note, I think I’d like Rachael more if she didn’t call the potatoes “kids.” She always takes about “throwing the kids into the pot.” And call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s nice to throw your kids into a boiling pot of water.

And now there may be another show in my cooking repertoire. Before I tuned into Giada yesterday, I saw that they replaced Sandra Lee’s “Semi Homemade” (thank goodness ’cause her elaborate tablescapes and cocktail time drove me absolutely crazy…just watch and you’ll agree…promise) with Sunny Anderson’s “Cooking For Real.”

Maybe it’s because she made banana pudding, an absolute favorite of mine, but I thought it was a really fun, informative show. Not only did the food look mouthwateringly good, but she had a pleasant presentation that wasn’t annoying in the least. In other words, some pretty good TV that might inspire what I make for dinner…something Will won’t mind in the least.