Well after hours and hours of cooking, the moment was upon us…the taste-test of all the Thanksgiving goodies. And the verdict was a collective…

“This is soooo good!”

Yeah, that’s what a cook likes to hear. And before long, everyone’s tummies were stuffed to contentment. I think I ended up liking the mashed potatoes, cheddar bay biscuits, green bean casserole and of course, the pie the best! I’ve always liked turkey, but don’t necessarily ooh and aah over it like everyone else does. Although the peach glaze was a nice, unconventional touch.

Apparently, Will liked everything sooo much that he wants me to make the same menu for Christmas dinner, too. Sounds like a plan—a rather delicious one.

And as a holiday season dieter, I must say it was nice to splurge just one day. But it didn’t necessarily make me want to jump off the weight loss wagon. In fact, that feeling of extreme fullness only made me want to stay on track more. So I’m pretty excited about that!